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Here's the deal

When you syndicate a podcast with LTOPD Media through LTOPD Productions, we open up new marketing lines for your podcast. Your show will be referred to on LTOPD website, in LTOPD videos, and within other LTOPD podcasts. Yes, it costs, but it’s worth the price, and you pay nothing up front. The program required 10% of incoming profits beginning 30 days after your podcast is accepted into the program for a three-month contract beginning on the first day after your 30-day acceptance period. For a six-month contract, the fee is reduced to 8%. The fee is taken after reasonable production costs. The 30-day acceptance period allows us time to set a marketing plan in place for your podcast.

We at LTOPD Productions reserve the right to cancel the contract at any time. This measure is only to uphold the syndicated podcast’s half of the bargain, which is to create new content on, at least, a weekly basis and promote one LTOPD Media brand per new episode. If for some reason you’re unhappy with your contract, LTOPD Media will revisit the contract to ensure their helping you do what’s best for your podcast. You are, after all, a member of the LTOPD Media family upon acceptance of syndication.

If this deal sounds good to you, inquire about syndication in the form below. Please include the name of your podcast and link to that podcast on one or more of the major hosting platforms, along with you name and email.

Thank you for your desire to be part of the LTOPD Media family of brands! We appreciate every inquiry and wish your podcast the absolute best!