Welcome to LTOPD Media Headquarters!

Welcome to LTOPD Media Headquarters, home of all things LTOPD Productions. This Iowa-founded media company was brought into this world to serve all of your entertainment needs. Here you’ll find all of the LTOPD brands you know and love: Obscurix, a veritable freakshow of the strange, where you can explore true crime, paranormal, dark history, and other topics that make our world the weird place it is today. Hecate’s Hideaway for all of your witchy needs. Woodman’s Corner for bushcraft and survival lovers looking to improve their woodsmanship. LTOPD Press, the original LTOPD publication, filled with satire news and comedy articles. For the gamers out there who want to watch the kooks at LTOPD be bad at videogames, we have the LTOPD_Games  Twitch Streams and YouTube channel. If podcasts are your jam, check out Admiral Satire’s News Radio Show for a weekly satirical news broadcast or the LTOPD Burger Bros podcast, where we discuss whatever topic happens to be fastballed at us by our producers. And, last but not least, you’ll find the LTOPD Comedy YouTube channel, a place of wonder and sketch comedy that started in an old farmhouse.

If you’re looking to contact us for any reason, you can do so here. If you’re looking to syndicate a podcast, click here instead. And for the advertisers out there wanting to put their ads on our pages and in our productions, this is the contact form for you.

We thank all of our fans for their support, and we sincerely hope you have a wonderful day filled with LTOPD Media entertainment!